BOX AA Server Is Offline

Server is OFFLINE
I have now decided to stop my AA server!
Some reasons:
* Linux releases...
* To many bugs (adding content befor fixing bugs)
* Players now choose to play on honor servers
* I don't play the game anymore.

So this is probably the end for BOX AA server!
The server have been running 24/7 since v1.3 or v1.4.

Some basic numbers from the server:
* More than 5647.1 hours with players online (since v1.6)
* More than 102000 unique players
* More than 768000 kills
* More than 100000 rounds (since v1.6)
Jeppz:2005-06-27 20:15:50
Now running AA 2.3
* Changed Hard Drive AGAIN ! (yes another disc crash!)
* Ugraded to AA 2.3
Jeppz:2005-02-20 11:02:09
Box AA server is back online.
The server is now back online after a major disc crash.
Jeppz:2005-01-15 17:53:43
Server major disc crash!
The Box AA server will be down some time.
Jeppz:2005-01-14 20:56:36
Server Updated
The server is now running v 2.2.1
Jeppz:2004-12-15 06:25:38
Old Info

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