Server Info
*Server Name (Long)(This is visible on Gamespy):
Server Name (Short)(If Empty the it uses the "Long" Name here):
Message of today Line 1 (Displayed to all players onjoin):
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Message of today Line 3 (Displayed to all players onjoin):
Message of today Line 4 (Displayed to all players onjoin):
Admin Info
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*Admin Password (use with open serverip?password=yourpass):
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Server Settings!
Master Serverlists:
If Serverlist contains Andromeda, enter you WAN IP:
Max Players Allowed:
Max Player on Each Team (Should be half of Max Players):
Minimum Honor Allowed on Server:
Maximum Honor Allowed on Server:
Map Timelimit (In minutes):
Rounds Per Match:
Game Password (If you want the server to be locked with a password):
Autobalance Teams:
Autobalance Teams Between Rounds:
Force Mode (None="Map Default", Normal="live", Miles="Laser"):
ROE Limit:
ROE Limit Type (What to do with players that exceeds the ROE Limit):
VoteKick Cooldown:
Kick Idle Spectators (not Recommended):
Kick Idle Players (Timed):
Time before kicking idle player/spectator (In Minutes):
Kick Idle Players (Rounds):
Rounds before kicking idle player/spectator:
Spectate Mode:
Enable Cheats (Enables Use of MPCHEAT command):
Advanced Settings
Client Netspeed (Max bandwidth per player in bytes):
Cache Size (In MB):
Minimum Player Before Round Starts:
Max Admins Allowed (Number of Max Admins Logged In (Not Limited by MaxPlayers)):
Max Spectators Allowed:
Show Death Messages:
Change/Limit the players HUD (like don't display compass)
Hide Ammo Count:
Hide Weapon Status:
Hide Weapon:
Hide Grenades:
Hide Health:
Hide Cobat Effect:
Hide Optics:
Hide Compass:
Hide Timer: